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Monday, April 12, 2010


Over the last couple days I have been changing over to a new site.  I may even turn it fully functional by buying the URL name but right now its just a free site.  Basically its the complete compilation for you, agents, coaches and everyone else who wants to follow.  The site allows me to put up video, attach all my resumes, and blog about my experience.  Everything under one roof. 

The new website is

I can even put up a donation page in case you are feeling generous.  We will see the reaction to the site first. 

Go check it out, comment, let me know what you think. 

This site will still be functional as I like to follow other blogs from it but I will do all my new posting on the new website.  YAHOO!!

Have a great Monday,

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Part One of Family Invasion

Whats happenin' cyberspace?

I just realized I have not written on here for close to half a month.  I apologize.  The last fifteen days have been a little crazy and things are finally starting to slow down so I have some time to write.  I dont know how long this post is going to get but I am not about to proofread it.  In essence, excuse all errors you find and feel free to hold them against me.

Now, what has happened over the last few weeks.  First, we had a big game against Hagen-Haspe, the number three team in our league.  One of only about four good teams in our league.  We pulled out the win 99-91 in a shootout.  The first half was like a 100 meter dash.  Each team putting up points at a ferocious pace.  I think over 110 points were scored by halftime.  Definitely a fun game for the fans. 

Speaking of fans, I had a few special friends in the crowd for this game.  Not a nice german lady, but a few family members from across the pond.  My mother, Stan, Uncle Fred and Aunt DeDe along with cousin Meghan made the long trip to spend 10 days in Germany.  It was awesome to have them at the game and give them a little taste of what its like to be playing ball over here.  I played pretty well, 30 points 10 boards and 7 assists.  We had a nice crowd too which made for a great atmosphere.

After the game we got to spend the weekend in Werne and see the local sites, most notably the castle close by.  Not a crazy old castle that sits on a mountain peak but a nice modern castle that actually serves as an elite finance school.  It has been reburbished at least once.  Usually you can only walk around it but we got lucky and they were giving tours.  Although I had been to castle several times it was interesting to see the inside.  Not a big fan of the antique decor.  Lots of oversized pictures of goofy looking people in  interesting attire.  Most commonly accompanied by a horse or a sword. 

The most interesting thing for me about the castle was the two moats.  You must really want to keep somone out if you need TWO moats.  If I had two moats I would put alligators in the first moat and hippos in the second one.  Just try and get to my castle.

Side Note:  Hotels in smalls towns in Europe are interesting.  I went in the morning before everyone arrived and I said I would be back tonight and needed the room.  The guy goes in the back and gets a blank piece of paper and I write my name on it.  Thats it, thats my reservation.  When I brought Fred and DeDe to the hotel he was drinking at the bar with his buddies, gave me a key to the room and explained where it was.  Thats it.  No credit card, no down payment, just pay me whenever you guys want to leave. 

2nd Side Note:  So I picked everyone up from the train station.  Everyone thought it would be funny and not tell Trevor that his cousin Meghan was coming with.  I did enjoy the surprise immensely, we only had enough spots in the care for 5.  Now we had 6 people plus everyones luggage for 10 days, hmmmm, Nemitz improvision to the rescue.  Now take a second to think about this.  We have six grown adults for five spots.  I cannot see out the back window because the bags are packed to the ceiling.  Meghan is laying across 3 people in the back seat and I believe was holding a bag.  I am jammed in the front seat trying to drive and Stan is sitting comfortably in the passenger side wondering what the big fuss is about.  Alright, maybe Stan was a little uncomfortable too.  I had two goals, dont go over any large bumps because we might bottom out and don't pull up next to any police officers.  I almost failed the second goal but reacted quick enough.      

I was fortunate enough to get the week off from work so I was able to travel with everybody.  I picked up the Mercedes mini-van early Monday morning, we packed in, and hit the road.  No plan, no hotel reservations, no idea of where we were going, just trusting the navigation to get us to Berlin.  Personally, I like this way of traveling, it leads to more adventures.

I just decided I want to keep these posts shorter so tomorrow I will tell you all about our adventures in Berlin.

More Pictures:

Off to Berlin.....MOM before her happy face  ( I actually think this was after Berlin but lets pretend its on our way to Berlin and Mom has a smile on her face -- good camera work Stan :)  


Friday, March 12, 2010

17, Avatar, and Glass Everywhere

What a week, what a week, what a week.

I am late on the blog, I know.  My PR manager Trapper already emailed me from his dumb smartphone provided by Alltel telling me and I quote "quit being a lazy ****** bum, get off your ***, and write on your **** blog."  I copied that directly from my email but had to censor it a bit.  This is a family blog and we all know Trapper has a dirty mouth. 

Moving on to bigger, better, and more important things.  How does the number 17, Avatar, and glass relate fit into the grand scheme of my world.

Starting with the number 17

On Saturday, TVW picked up their 17th game in a row beating someone.  To be honest, I can't really think of who we played right now, and I am too lazy to figure it out, so if it comes to me when I am writing I will let you know.  Not that it matters anyways, I could call them the purple hillbillies and you would not know any better.  Well we dominated the purple hillbillies for forty minutes.  I think the winning margin was 37, well below the 50+ we had been beating the teams previously.´ We also failed to reach the 100th point mark, I believe stalling out at 90. 

So you see, all in all the game was a fail. 

Just another step closer to the hefty (yes like the bag) part of the season coming up, the home stretch.

To be honest, it gets really boring playing these bad teams.  Winning is fun, but winning by 50 just gets ridiculous.  The games turn into track meets I did not sign up for (like the fat kid who shows up for the hot dog eating contest to find out its the Olympics) and we have to set goals for ourselves in the games to keep them semi-interesting.  Isn't that what the other team is for?

Practice at times is more competitive than our games.  All in a days work for what we want to accomplish I guess.  Things should get a little more interesting tomorrow, but next week is when the real work begins. 


If you have not seen Avatar, stop reading this dumb blog and go watch it.  Probably one of the coolest movies I have a seen and also a great message.  Make sure to see it in 3D as well.  Last Monday, we found a theater near-by that has late showings in English so we had to check it out.

This was not your average AMC, this movie theater was the full fledge movie theater experience.   They had a pool hall, lounge area, balcony overlooks, and large statues of The Simpsons.  This was the real deal, no joke.  Stadium seating with plush comfy seats, which came in mighty handy as Avatar pushed 3 hours long and into the morning hours for us.

I am a big fan of movies.  Lately we have been on a documentary kick and Avatar is thrown in for good measure.  If you have some downtime check these out

AVATAR -- CRAZY animation (if you can even call it that), also great message about environment and nice little parody to what may or may not have happened and that ís or isn't still happening in the great USA and other places around the world

FOOD INC. -- will change the way you look at food and eat

RELIGULUS -- hilarious yet thoughprovoking insight into christianity (not a family film for language reasons)

Call the Glass Man

I don't think this actually happened in the last week but I can't believe I forgot to tell you about this.  Someone shattered a backboard at the end of practice the other day.  We are not talking about just a broken rim or cracked backboard.  I am talking full-blown SHATTERATION.  Just for the record it was not me, unfortunately (cough cough Julian, our new post man).  I did have the perfect view of it though.  I was lying on a mat below the hoop but well away from the shatter zone.  Mr. Julian himself, not a small guy probably about 6'7 220, mozies up and just puts down a little baby dunk.  This is no, full blown aerial display of greatness followed by the phi slamma jamma hammertime but a "hey guys, what you doing," baby bambi dunk with a little front rim hang.  

Next thing I know, half of the backboard is laying on the ground in tiny pieces and Julian is standing underneath hanging onto the rim with the look of "did that just happen."  You know the look when someone does something, then they stand completely still, not wanting to move, hoping that for the first time in all the universe they will travel back in time to before their screw-up happened.  Yep, that look.

I was actually very happy for him.  If I had my camera at practice I would have taken pictures.  I know someone has a picture somewhere and when I get ahold of that, hello internet.  Great stuff, I always appreciate a good backboard breaking, even if I still have to wait for my chance. 

Case and Point, buy breakaway rims and you will not have your backboards lying on the ground in a million pieces.  Simple solution to an expensive problem.  Its like the EASY button from Staples.

I wrote an article in the newspaper about this situation as well, I will post it later.  You be the judge on how it was recieved. :)

Well, I need to get back to writing.  I am entering a writing contest for 5 g's and a full-time job and need to get back to researching and writing.

Hugs and Kisses

Thursday, March 4, 2010

16 and counting

Hello Everyone.  Its a happy day today in Germany for 2 reasons:

Number one, the sun is shining bright today, good thing I have to be in the office, wouldn't want any of that sun on my skin. 

Number two is a rousing game of office homerun derby that took place yesterday.  Tramaine and I needed a little break so we decided to turn a piece of tinfoil and a water bottle into one of the most enteraining games of all time.  One drawback was we kept losing the ball amongst the shelves, books, and things in homerun alley. 

*****Not only is the sun out in this picture but it is an accurate representation of the what the tinfoil ball looked like after my hitting session.  Talk about a 2 for 1 on a Thursday, I bet you thought you would only get that kind of value on 2 x Tuesday (if you dont understand you need to watch more television).

Back to the reason I write this blog: basketball, instead of continuing to ridiculous entertain you with specific details of office baseball.  By the way, my patent is pending on the game so dont get any ideas wise guy. Patent pending, patent pending, patent pending.

Another Step Closer to Perfection
By:  Trevor Wittwer  (Editor-in-Chief of

TV Werne capped off its 3-game roadtrip with an impressive 50 point win over Hertener last Saturday, 107-57.  This marks the fourth game in a row TVW has scored above the century mark. 

They looked to be functiong well as a team.  With Hertener's sole American injured and not participating in Saturday's game, Hertener did not provide much resistance to the offensive onslaught of TVW. 

Defensively, TVW has looked better.  They caused Hertener players to play faster than they were capable, giving way to a number of steals and fast break points, but Hertener got into the lane far too frequently for Rosic's liking,

"We just flat out gave up too many easy buckets,"´commented Rosic after the game.  "We can't do that when it comes down to Hagen and Recklinghausen." 

These are a few aspects that TVW are sure to clean up as they continue on their quest for perfection. 

The players at TVW contiue to have their crossairs aimed on a championship.  Tramaine Aaron, a pivotal point of this team in his blog commented "We have to keep our eyes further down the road in a constant search of this league championship." 

Aaron knows they need to improve every game and keep the end goal of a championship always in the back of their mind. 

"We want that championship, but we need to focus our efforts on the next practice, game, or whatever is next on our schedule.  If we keep improving and take care of our business night in and night out, the wins will take care of themselves.  You got to love the journey though, this §$*! is fun! " Wittwer remarked after practice on Wednesday.  

This §$*! is fun and only time will tell whether or not TVW completes its quest of the coveted league championship.



3 Cool things that happened to me this last week

1. Found organic beef
2. Found Almond Milk
3. Pounded homeruns off Aaron

What three cools things happened to you this week?  You always read about me, now its about you! What are you up to, drop a comment with your TOP 3!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


FC Hollywood took the floor Saturday evening in Herford after a week hiatus.  Flashing.....lights...wait  FC Hollywood? Who is FC Hollywood?  Well, TV Werne 03 was dubbed FC Hollywood by an anonymous Herford writer who was responsible for putting together the game program.  This can most likely be attributed to the show fans get when they come watch TV Werne.  With such good looking guys like Aaron, Heptner and Manske deep ball of Haywood whats not to like.  Oh, and we can't forget the dribble drive of Freienstein. 

Tonight was nothing short of a best seller.  Multiple dunks, long range threes, and fluid ball movement left no one in attendance disappointed.  Basketball purest saw the execution, the spacing, and the crisp motion.  Thrillseekers got their fill of alley-oops, put back dunks, And 1s, and breakaway slams. 

The week off was prevalent throughout the first quarter.  TVW look unfocused and made numerous  uncharacteristic mistakes.  Simply put, they looked a little rusty.  To be completey honest, they simply couldn't pass nor catch the ball (essential elements of basketball).  If was almost like the ball was covered in this green monster slim that made it impossible to catch, or our hands were disconnect from our brains.  If you cant pass or catch your chances of scoring are pretty slim to none and slim left town a long time ago. 

After a stern warning from Rosic of TVW, they saw the light of Hollywood and decided to give the fans everything they paid for.  FC Hollywood, I mean TVW, would not score less than 30 points per quarter in the next three and call it a day finished with a convincing 111-57 victory.  I will have the game film up soon but it will have a password on it for security reasons.  If you would like to watch just shoot me and email or facebook message and I will give you the password.  I will use the same password for every film from now on. 

Great all-around victory.  I gotta keep it a little short this week as I got things to do.  Check out newspaper articles here, here and here.

Lovin' Life

P.S.  My men's team got a good win this week as well (without its coach because he had a game in Herford).  Thanks Andre for coaching.